Based in Helsinki, Finland we started Alderi inspired by explorers, adventurers and our great outdoors. We created sports eyewear that brings together nordic wooden designs with high-performance lenses. As an outdoor company we are doing our best to save our environment as our favourite mountains and oceans are getting more polluted. We believe that businesses must be on the forefront of the sustainable development making the world a cleaner place. We do our best to reduce the use of fast fashion and single-use plastic and their effects on our nature and wildlife.

Alderi community is built on three core principles: we value the great outdoors, seeking adventure and living in the moment. We created a sustainable collection of do-it-all sunglasses designed to fit an active lifestyle with close connection to nature. A pair you can take anywhere from mountains and open waters to the heart of the city. With our first collection of sunglasses we have started to build out a line up of eyewear for the adventurers and explorers of today.

From this day forth, Alderi will continue to innovate with new products and new designs, while simultaneously keeping true to our roots. We are forever grateful to our supporters and we love hearing about your experience with our products.